Exercise Science

Yiannis graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, having received the highest grade a student has ever achieved in the history of the department since 1982. During his academic years, he received two awards for academic excellence, one from the Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers’ Association and one from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of Aristotle University. He continued his studies with a Master’s degree on “Human Performance and Health”. In his Master’s thesis, he was the first to investigate techniques of acute aerobic capacity enhancement through blood circulation reflexes. His scientific background is enriched by a number of seminars and conferences on Exercise Science, Nutrition and Health. He has taught seminars on various topics related to human performance and health, and workshops on modern flexibility training methods. He has aspirations of completing a PhD in Exercise Science.


In his professional life, Yiannis has been working as a coach since 2012 and has trained anyone within the range of athletes to fitness enthusiasts just getting started. His coaching philosophy is based on firstly understanding the individuality of each person, and then planning the entire training process accordingly. Early in his career, he specialized in the design of tailor-made training plans and online coaching. Using his academic knowledge and his years of field experience, he has long been designing training plans that cater to the individual needs and goals of each trainee.


Due to his love for movement, Yiannis has experienced a variety of sports and activities as an amateur athlete. During his academic years, he quickly understood the need for practicing what he was learning in theory, not only on his trainees, but also on himself. For this reason, his own training often shifts in goals and directions, depending on what he wants to test and the field of knowledge he wants to delve into.


Currently, Yannis is working as an online coach, and also shares his years of knowledge gathered by academic education and field experience, through his seminars, online programs and his informative YouTube channel.