The Modern methods of Flexibility Training is a hands-on workshop that has been presented in more than 20 locations in Europe and the United States. It introduces the theoretical and practical components of the most effective methods to date.




MIAMI – ADAPT North Miami

‘’We at ADAPT have nothing but praise for Yiannis!
He was more than willing to come into the facility and present his flexibility workshop to our entire training staff with nothing but enthusiasm and thoroughness. You can definitely tell he is a highly passionate individual in regards to flexibility training and helping individuals realize their full movement potential. He is more than welcomed to come back to Miami and ADAPT!’’

Peter Beitia, MS, LMT, CSCS, TSAC-F, CPT
Director of Training & Exercise Physiologist at ADAPT North Miami


“In an industry clouded by fitness noise, Ioannis cuts through with a clear and consistent approach to human movement that generates instant results. All of our clients saw measurable improvements in functional range of motion during his seminar, which was an easily digestible blend of science, research, and data suitable for coaches and clients alike. If you want to improve your flexibility in a safe manner without sacrificing stability, Ioannis is your expert.”

Scott Gunter and Daniel Bulay – Head Coaches / Owners



Yiannis excided our expectations! We had an awesome experience and learned a lot! I’m very satisfied with the impact that this workshop had on my clients and stuff. I would recommend it to any facility looking to improve their expertise on this field!

Maria Valva – Cordell Fitness Manager


My name Caleb and I am the Director of DC Fitness here in Los Angeles. We had the privilege of havingIoannis Christoulaspresent his flexibility workshop to our clients. This is something I was interested in bringing to our studio so that our clients have a plethora of knowledge to pull from to help them on their fitness journey. I think I can speak for all the clients when I say we are so happy we got to have him. From beginning to end there was so much helpful information that is applicable to people of all levels of fitness. It was easy enough to follow and left us seeing the real results we could have in our bodies by incorporating these little things into our daily lives. Our clients loved it so much and felt like they actually learned something. I loved that Ioannis had a hands on piece to his presentation as opposed to just speaking the entire time. It was probably the biggest factor in our clients remembering what he said after he left. It was amazing having him here and we hope we are able to have him back again!

Caleb K. Harris, Studio Manager



‘’Ioannis led our climbers through his informative and well-researched presentation before guiding us through some of his stretching techniques. The difference was immediate. If you’re struggling with your flexibility or just want to improve I cannot recommend Ioannis enough. His passion for the subject is obvious and his enthusiasm is infectious. The participants in the workshop only had positive things to say and we’ll definitely be inviting Ioannis back the next time he’s in town!’’

Scott Haller, Facility Manager


‘’Yiannis reached out to us about hosting a flexibility seminar and he exceeded our expectations! We hosted him in San Francisco for one seminar with clients at our fitness studio and a second seminar for our movement specialists. Yiannis was able to accommodate us and curate the content to appeal to both these populations. He was also easy to communicate with via email, he provided marketing material and thorough descriptions of the seminar. Both the seminars he gave were educational and engaging!’’

Bryant Sharifi, Co-Founder Perform for Life



”We had phenomenal feedback from the participants! Thank you Yiannis!”

Michael Anderson, Director of Operations at Wave Health & Fitness


The workshop is structured in two parts, theory and practice.

The theoretical part of the workshop clears the mist around the terms and types of flexibility methods, and presents what is new in flexibility training.

In practice, a thorough application of each training concept provides the ideal conditions to understand in depth every aspect of these methods.


More than 200 scientific articles on flexibility training methods have been published in the past two decades. Yiannis has synthesized the findings of these studies to create what is considered by many “the missing piece in pain-free and effective flexibility training

Recent research brings light to new ways of developing both active and passive flexibility. In addition, new data show how to apply well-established methods in a more effective way with lower risks of injury. The summary of this data is considered the most advanced knowledge in the field of flexibility training today.

The hard part, was the combination of this new data with the proven-to-work, experience-based practices of flexibility training. Nothing works better than going from theory to practice and back again, and this is exactly what Yiannis loves to do. The result of this process is sophisticated, up-to-date flexibility training methods that can lead anyone to their flexibility goals in the most effective and pain-free way.


More than 600 participants have earned their certificate of participation, from the most advanced flexibility training workshop that exists!


A child’s body can withstand almost any training mistake. In those younger ages, the level of elasticity in the muscles and the rate of recovery can make up for every training mistake and minor injury. In more simple words, if you just keep pushing, they will eventually make it if they withstand the pain. It is a horrible practice that should stop, but it works due to the physiology of the youth population. However, these methods are far from what an adult should do to see results, and will almost certainly lead to pain and injury.

Although the training concepts that should be utilized in all ages are the same, the characteristics of the adult body make the need for proven-to-work, injury-preventive methods necessary.  In other words, adults can’t afford to mess this up. Much of the disappointment of inflexible people comes from attempting these “paleolithic” training methods. In reality though, there is a simple and effective way to accomplish your flexibility goals and it’s called science!

The Modern Methods of Flexibility training introduces new concepts to adults that want to cut to the chase and get results fast.


But what about mobility? Do the Modern methods of Flexibility Training include mobility training? The quick answer is yes, the bigger part of these new concepts focus on what many (mostly Instagramers) today refer to as ‘’mobility’’.

The term mobility is commonly used in the fitness community to describe active range of motion whereas the term flexibility describes the passive range of motion. However, this seems to complicate things since the term flexibility is mostly used to describe the body’s movement through ROM. This movement can be done either in a passive or an active way. So using the term flexibility to describe only passive ROM is definitely inappropriate. This also brings into question using the term mobility to selectively describe active range since a person with active ROM is also flexible and not mobile.

In addition, in the vast majority of the scientific literature, the term mobility is used to describe the recovery phase after injuries or the mobilization of elderly people. The terms active and passive ROM are commonly used to describe the different types of ROM aka flexibility.

So flexibility is divided into active and passive flexibility, in other words, active or passive ROM. Some use the term mobility to describe active ROM, but it complicates things and it’s a term that is not used in modern methods.


Yiannis is a professional coach with more than 14 years of field experience. He has graduated with distinction with both his bachelor’s in Sports Science and his Masters in Human Performance and Health.

Yiannis was always athletic but not flexible.  However, he is a trainer with advanced degrees who knows how to read literature, evaluate results, and test methods. With these weapons, Yiannis cared out many years of research, development, and testing on all the existing flexibility methods and practices. This led him to finally compose the “Modern Methods of Flexibility Training.”

After that, learning to do the splits became incredibly accessible. Today, he shares this knowledge through his training programs and workshops.