Side Split 1.0

This is a 6-week flexibility training program that aims in increasing both active and passive flexibility in leg-side abduction, aka side split. A second important purpose of this program is to gradually introduce you to the many different training methods that can be utilized to increase flexibility. There are more than 11 training methods for increasing flexibility. Some of them are more complex than others and there is an optimal order to get introduced to each one of them. In this 6-week program, you’ll have the chance to get introduced to some of the most effective flexibility training methods that exist.

For this reason, this program is suitable for both beginners with low flexibility levels and advanced flexible trainees that want, not only to increase flexibility and get closer to the side split but also to develop their understanding of the different flexibility training methods.


  • Flexibility training terms

  • Explanation of the program

  • 6 weeks training program with detailed instructions

  • Video presentation of all the exercises and methods